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Snowy desert + jet lag adaptation… Lee Kang-cheol-ho is overcoming 

Adapting to the jet lag due to the unexpected cold and long travel distance, Lee Kang-cheol is solving the first task.

The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean baseball team arrived at their accommodation in Tucson, Arizona, on the 15th (hereinafter Korean time). 28 players joined, excluding major leaguers Kim Ha-seong and Tommy Edman.

The KIA, NC, and KT players who came to the accommodation after training in Tucson, the spring camp of their team, looked relaxed. On the other hand, the expression of most of the players except for them showed a tired look. 

Lotte, Doosan, and Samsung players who participated in the spring camps held in Guam, Australia, and Japan completed a tremendous amount of travel back to Korea and back to Tucson, Arizona. SSG players who stayed in Florida returned to their accommodations after a 5-hour flight and a 2-hour bus ride.

The time difference between Tucson and Korea is 16 hours. It was an environment where players could feel fatigued due to long flights and problems adjusting to jet lag.

On the 16th, the first official training of the national team was held at the Tucson Kino Sports Complex. After the summons, training was held the next morning, which could have been difficult, but fortunately, the players’ expressions were bright and they were actively exchanging conversations. Kim Gwang-hyun greeted reporters with a bright smile.

So-Jun Sohn, who has not thrown a lot of pitches lately, was the only one pitching in the bullpen and threw 30 pitches. The ball felt powerful. Manager Lee Kang-cheol and pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook carefully checked So-Jun Sohn’s pitching.

Besides adapting to the jet lag, another variable Lee Kang-cheol-ho faced was the unexpected cold.

Tucson, the second largest city in Arizona, is a desert region with a dry and pleasant climate. It is an area where you can feel warm weather even in winter.

However, the temperature has dropped sharply since this week. A cold wind blew in Tucson on the 15th, reminding me of early winter in Korea. Outside activities were difficult without a thick coat.

It was the weather that could affect the conditioning of the players. Lee Eui-ri and So Joon So-jun already caught a cold. 카지노사이트

At dawn on the 16th, the temperature dropped below freezing and even snowed. There were traces of snow all over the training ground. Besides, there was still a strong wind blowing. I visited Tucson expecting hot weather in Korea, but the cold was rampant.

Still, the team looked at it with a positive eye. National team coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “I know because I’ve been here all along. I started training at 11 am. At that time, the wind blows a little less, and after this time the wind gets stronger. They say the weather will improve a lot from the next training turn, so it should be fine. same,” he said.

Gu Chang-mo said, “When I came in 2020, I saw that it snowed, and I felt that the weather was getting colder. Now, this cold is not awkward,” and did not care about the abnormal weather.

There are other positive signs. In Tucson, the weather will warm up and return to normal temperatures starting from the weekend. It seems that players will be able to quickly improve their physical condition in the near future. Lee Kang-cheol-ho announced the full-fledged departure. He is beating the cold and jet lag.

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