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“Son Heung-min, claim your qualifications as a big match killer again”

 A ‘big match’ will unfold in the English Premier League.

The North London derby, one of the Premier League’s biggest rivalries, will be held. It’s a match between Tottenham and Arsenal. coming on the 16th. The venue is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the home ground of Tottenham.

Arsenal currently lead the league with 44 points, while Tottenham are fifth with 33 points. Ranking doesn’t matter much in the game between the two teams. Winning or losing depends on who aspires to win more.

Expectations are high for Son Heung-min 슬롯사이트. This is because it was Son Heung-min, who showed a strong performance against rivals, especially in big matches. Reporting one goal in the match against Crystal Palace, which was his last league game, also raises expectations for Son Heung-min.

Britain’s ‘Guardian’ also could not hide their expectations for Son Heung-min. This media introduced 10 things to pay attention to in the Premier League game held this weekend, and selected Son Heung-min as one of them.

The media emphasized, “Son Heung-min needs to assert his qualifications as a big match killer again.”

“All eyes will be on Harry Kane in the match between Tottenham and Arsenal. If Kane scores in this match, he will overtake Jimmy Greaves and become Tottenham’s all-time leading scorer. It is necessary,” he explained.

The Guardian also said, “Son Heung-min was the Premier League’s top scorer last season, but he only scored 4 goals this season. . It is a good timing for Son Heung-min to come back to the center,” he expressed his anticipation.

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