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Son Heung-min’s soccer boots are also ‘click’… he runs in ceremony shoes during the match against Chelsea

Heung-Min Son (31, Tottenham) walks the ground of the English professional football Premier League (EPL) wearing soccer boots with a national flag and his trademark “click ceremony.”

Footy Headlines, a British media that mainly deals with soccer shoes and soccer uniforms, introduced soccer boots specially made for Son Heung-min by shoe artist Jordan Dawson on the 21st. The national flag is drawn on one side of the soccer boots, and the figure of Son Heung-min taking a ‘click ceremony’ posture is included on the other side. ‘Footy Headlines’ said, “We only designed the outside of the boots to avoid negatively affecting performance and performance. It only changed the visual effect,” he explained. 안전놀이터

There is a prospect that Son Heung-min will wear these football boots for the first time in a confrontation with Chelsea on the 26th. Son Heung-min scored his 5th league goal in a match against West Ham United on the 20th. Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to score two goals in a row wearing the specially designed Taegeukgi soccer boots.

In the meantime, Son Heung-min mainly ran wearing shoes with his English name initials and a small Taegeukgi engraved on them. Last year, Son Heung-min’s soccer shoes were sold for 16 million won at a charity auction held by the Korea Football Association, drawing attention.

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