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‘SON Master’ Pochettino’s chances of joining Chelsea increase… Nagelsmann ‘OUT’

Mauricio Pochettino (51) is being mentioned as a candidate for Chelsea’s new manager.

Chelsea parted ways with manager먹튀검증 Graham Porter earlier this month. Sexual weakness was the cause. Chelsea, which fired two coaches (Thomas Tuchel and Porter) this season alone, temporarily took the helm to club legend coach Frank Lampard. And it is hard to find an official command tower.

Director Julian Nagelsmann (36) has emerged as a strong candidate. Nagelsmann also parted ways with Bayern Munich last month. For Chelsea, who needs a change, it was a good choice to accompany Nagelsmann as a young coach who has proven his ability. 

However, it seems that he has already moved away from the Chelsea managership. Reporter Fabrizio Romano, an expert on the European transfer market, told SNS (social media) on the 21st (Korean time), “Director Nagelsmann has withdrawn from the competition to become Chelsea manager. This seems to be his final decision.”

British media 90MIN also reported this news and said, “Chelsea’s interest is heading elsewhere.” Mentioned manager Pochettino.

The media said, “Chelsea is a big fan of manager Pochettino. “I understand that Pochettino is interested in the current Chelsea manager job and has had several talks with him.” 

Pochettino managed Tottenham from 2014 to November 2019. He is the gift that brought Son Heung-min (Tottenham) to the English Premier League (EPL). After leaving Tottenham, he directed Paris Saint-Germain until July of last year. Since then, manager Pochettino has been mentioned as a possible candidate for several teams. 

The situation with Chelsea this time is unusual. Local reports say that Chelsea and manager Pochettino had a ‘positive conversation’. 

If Pochettino takes the helm of Chelsea, one of Tottenham’s London rivals, he looks set to make a shock transfer. The rivalry between Tottenham and Chelsea may grow further in the future. 

However, Tottenham is also currently leading the team by acting manager Christian Stellini. Pochettino is also being mentioned as a candidate for Tottenham’s new manager. 90MIN said, “The possibility of Pochettino returning to Tottenham as the successor to Antonio Conte is also open.”

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