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‘Successful knee surgery’ Jejus movement resumes… come back sooner than expected

 Will Gabriel Jejus (26, Arsenal) help Arsenal win?

Jejus suffered knee ligament damage during the World Cup in Qatar last December. Jejus, who underwent surgery, is expected to take 10 to 12 weeks for his return. Even if Jejus returns, it is only possible at the end of the season. 스포츠토토

Jejus recently posted a video of his return to running training on his trainer’s social media. Jejus, who successfully underwent knee surgery, is said to be recovering faster than expected. In an interview with Jejus two weeks ago, he said confidently, “I think he will be able to return in the next 4-5 weeks.”

If so, the conclusion is that Jejus can return in February. That means he’s back 2-4 weeks faster than normal recovery rates. First of all, Arsenal is in the position that they will not rush the return of Jejus unreasonably as they are running in the lead.

‘Football London’ said, “Prudent Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta will not rush to return to Jeju. Jejus may not be able to play until March. If Jejus returns perfectly and returns to the first team, Arteta will have a squad that is close to perfect.”

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