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Suwon FC’s keywords for the 2023 season are central defense, passing, and wings.

K-League 1 (Part 1) Suwon FC has remained in the first part stably for the past two years, reducing relegation concerns. However, as the era of former general manager Kim Ho-gon ended, he was put to the test.

Suwon FC’s keywords for the 2023 season are compressed into central defense, pass, and wings. The back door was loose enough to rank first and second in the 2021 season (57 runs) and 2022 season (63 runs) with the most runs. The center back position, which was vacant due to the transfer of Kim Gun-woong (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors) and the call-up of Kwak Yun-ho (Geoje Citizen Soccer Team) as a social worker, was filled by the recruitment of veterans Lee Jae-seong (35) and Kim Hyun-hoon (32). He also continues to accompany foreign player Lachlan Jackson (28, Australia). 바카라사이트

Last season, the depth of the defensive line was so poor that professional center backs showed an unreliable appearance, so they hired Shin Se-gye (33), a fullback, and Kim Kun-woong, who was a defensive midfielder. I’ve been going back and forth between three-back and four-back for two years, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the veteran blood transfusion will bring as I haven’t found a solution yet.

In the midfield, Lee Gi-hyeok was given away to Jeju United and Yoon Bit-garam (33) was brought in to prepare for a support shot towards the front line. Originally, in order to fill the vacancy left by Lee Young-jae’s enlistment as managing director of Gimcheon, they recruited Finnish national team Nicilla (27) and brought in Jang Hyuk-jin (34) from K-League 2 (second division) Gyeongnam FC. However, Nicilla was not the type to have strength in passing, and Jang Hyuk-jin also fell below expectations. This is why attention is focused on the meeting between Bitgaram Yun, who suffered ups and downs in Jeju, and coach Dokyun Kim (46), who revived players who had wandered in the past.

It is also positive that winger Lee Gwang-hyeok (28) was brought in from Pohang Steelers. As professional wingers failed to recruit over the past two years, the team showed limitations in implementing the football they wanted. The recruitment of Luan (27, Brazil) was also confirmed on the 1st, allowing him to use various tactics.

However, there are also a number of insecure factors. Suwon FC used Hwang Byeong-kwon, Cho Sang-jun, Jeon Jeong-ho, and Han Jeong-woo as resources under the age of 22 (U-22), but none of them took a place in the team after over 22 years of age. Lee Young-joon (20), who showed potential last year, enlisted in Gimcheon, and Kim Joo-yeop (23), who suffered from long-term injuries, passed the age range this year. Currently, there are 8 U-22 resources in the Suwon FC team, but it is expected that this season will continue.

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