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Suwon, who played Ahn Young-hak and Jeong Tae-se, recruits Koreans in Japan again… Joined Hogang Han

 Correspondent Park Dae-ro = Suwon Samsung, a professional soccer team that recruited Korean-Japanese players such as Ahn Young-hak and Jeong Dae-se, brought back Korean-Japanese. Defender Han Ho-gang (30) is the main character.

Suwon Samsung announced on the 15th, “We recruited Korean-Japanese defender Han Ho-gang to strengthen the central defense.” His contract is for one year (with a possibility of a one-year extension), and he wears the number 5 shirt.

Han Ho-gang, a Korean-Japanese, played for Japan’s J-League 3 Akita and J-League 1 Yokohama FC before playing for Jeonnam Dragons last year.

Han Ho-gang played in 139 professional matches, including 15 K-League 2 matches last year, scoring 7 points and recording 8 assists.

Han Ho-gang, who is 186 cm tall and weighs 77 kg, is a central defender. His strong point is his high RBI header and interpersonal marking ability. Suwon expects that he will be highly useful in counterattack situations because of his elaborate build-up and good middle kicks that utilize the left and right sides when switching attacks. 안전놀이터

Han Ho-gang explained, “The dream of Ahn Young-hak and Jeong Tae-se, who I respect, has actually happened since they were playing for Suwon Samsung.”

He continued, “I will show you an activity that is not ashamed of the Suwon Samsung emblem.”

Han Ho-gang joined the Jeju field training camp on the 10th and is digesting team training.

Midfielder Ahn Young-hak, who graduated from Nippon Rissho University, played for Busan in 2006-2007 and Suwon in 2008-2009. His K-League career record is 82 games, 9 goals and 2 assists.

Jeong Tae-se, a striker from Chosun University in Japan, played for Suwon from 2013 to 2015, scoring 23 goals and 8 assists in 72 games.

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