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‘that’s interesting!’ Bauer, ‘impressed’ by the appearance of a Japanese carrying a backpack in front “Can’t be seen in the US”

revor Bauer, who joined the Yokohama Baystars, was impressed by the way the Japanese carried their backpacks forward.

Bauer recently shared his life in Japan through his SNS.

Bauer admired the Japanese people’s consideration for others on the train.안전놀이터

When he asked Ryuta Iwazawa, an interpreter who accompanied him, “Why do you carry your backpack in front of you?” Iwazawa replied, “Because if the backpack is on your back, it will get in the way of the people behind you.”

“You don’t see anything like this in America,” Bauer said.

Bauer, an 83-win pitcher in the major leagues, is currently recovering from an injury.

After he was released from the Los Angeles Dodgers, his major league contract became difficult, so he turned to Japan.

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