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‘The bottom line? A great pitcher who hits the opposing team’s coach’, friendship that goes first even though the uniform is different

“Hey~ I’m a coach! I told you not to hit the head.”

On the 22nd, the last game between Hanwha and KIA was held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park.온라인바카라

Prior to the game, KIA pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong showed off his friendship with Hanwha coach Kim Nam-hyung and shared skinship.

Hanwha coach Kim Nam-hyung and KIA great pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong are friends of the same age, born in 1988. Years have passed and now their status as a coach and player has changed, but their friendship seems to remain the same.

Coach Nam-hyung Kim and Hyeon-jong Yang were also members of the winning team when they won the 2006 World Youth Baseball Championship. Hyunjong Yang is still active as a great pitcher representing Korea, but coach Namhyung Kim is now walking the path of a leader after retiring in the 2014 season.

Yang Hyeon-jong playfully slapped coach Kim Nam-hyung on the cheek.

coaches and players. Although their statuses have changed, friends of the same age shared friendship without distinction, forgetting the difference in status.

They slapped each other and threw uppercuts and quarreled, but they also confirmed their unchanging friendship by stroking each other’s faces with back hugs.

Yang Hyeon-jong and coach Kim Nam-hyung, who met in their childhood but are now in their mid-thirties.

Even if the rivers and mountains change, the friendship between men seems to remain the same.

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