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“The mockery of winning a shortened season will follow you forever”

Is it necessary to win the World Series after a full season of 162 games to be recognized? Even though the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series just three years ago, they continue to be under pressure to win. The reason is that their victory came in a 60-game shortened season.

On the 4th (Korean time),, the official homepage of Major League Baseball, introduced the 10 key questions of the National League West Division and left a message to the Los Angeles Dodgers, “If they do not win the World Series, is their season a failure?”

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the eternal powerhouse of the National League West Division. After taking first place in 2013, he won nine district championships over the past 10 years, except for one year in 2021. There have been four seasons with more than 100 wins. He went up to the World Series three times and won the championship in 32 years in 2020. A word from can feel a bit harsh to such a strong team. also admitted that “the Dodgers won the World Series two seasons ago, so this isn’t a completely fair question,” but “fairly or not, until they get out of their well-known jinx, they’ll say, ‘You’re in the Corona 19 season (shortened season). The ridicule of ‘You barely won the World Series’ will follow you forever,” he said with a cheeky comment.

This is a painful question for the Dodgers. Three years ago, the Dodgers advanced to the postseason with an overwhelming regular season record of 43-17 and an odds rate of 0.717, defeating Tampa Bay and winning the World Series. However, due to the unprecedented Corona 19 pandemic, the season was shortened by 60 games, and even though it was a legitimate championship, the Dodgers had to endure the sarcastic remarks that they had won a’half championship’. 스포츠토토 said, “You might think that winning the Corona 19 season was actually more difficult. But I think there’s something special about winning the World Series in a full season (162 games).” It’s the best baseball team, but it’s a postseason sport right now.”

As a good example of escaping from such ridicule, last year’s champion team Houston was cited. Houston defeated the Dodgers in 2017 to win their first World Series championship. However, at the end of 2019, it was revealed that they stole autographs using trash cans and electronic devices during the championship, and their performance was dishonored. Afterwards, the Houston club continued to be ridiculed, such as being called a ‘trash can’ and a ‘cheater’, but succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by winning the World Series last year. It was an achievement that was achieved even though the nomination rights for the first and second rounds of the 2020 and 2021 rookie draft were deprived due to the autograph stealing scandal. There is still a mocking gaze towards them, but with this victory, there is also a positive atmosphere that recognizes their skills. said, “Just as Houston shook off (negative issues) by winning last year, until the Dodgers won two World Series, ‘they didn’t win a full 162-game season’ every day, every week, every month, It will haunt them every year.”

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