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The slave contract seems to be over, but after returning from elbow surgery, injured again in 4 games, ‘ankle’

Japanese major leaguer Kenta Maeda (Minnesota Twins) stopped due to injury again.

According to local media in Japan, 메이저사이트Maeda was diagnosed with muscle inflammation in the right upper arm on the 29th (Korean time). Minnesota coach Rocco Boldelli said on the 28th that he would “take a break” for Maeda.

Maeda underwent surgery on ligaments in his right elbow in September 2021, rehabilitated throughout last season and returned in time for the start of this season. However, on the 27th, against the New York Yankees, he was beaten with 11 hits and 10 runs in 3 innings.

His performance this season was 4 losses in 4 games without a win and an average ERA of 9.00. It seemed to announce a successful comeback with 1 run in 5 innings against the Miami Marlins on the 5th, which was his first appearance, but on the 11th against the Chicago White Sox, he scored 4 runs in 6 and against the Boston Red Sox on the 21st. Replaced.

His poor ERA of 9.00 was eventually revealed to be due to injury. According to the Minneapolis Tribune, a Minnesota local newspaper, Maeda will not catch the ball until his symptoms are gone. He has a pulling symptom on the back of the elbow, but it is known that the area is not related to elbow ligament surgery.

When Maeda signed an eight-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2016, he signed a so-called ‘slave contract’ with a greater proportion of incentives than the guaranteed amount. It was decided to receive incentives based on the opening roster, starting pitchers, and innings, but outside of 2016, the incentive requirements were not met due to sluggishness, injury, and bullpen movement.

Last year, in particular, he only received a guaranteed amount ($3.125 million) while taking an entire season off. At the end of this season, Maeda will become a free agent after an eight-year contract ends. Maeda hopes that this injury will not be serious as this year is his last chance to aim for the FA jackpot.

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