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The tearful story of NBA survival of the ‘sweet spoon talker’. Received the ‘Director of the Year Award’

The qualifications of a professional basketball coach are complex, but clear. Regardless of whether it is the NBA or the KBL, there are leadership qualities that must be possessed.

The first is player control, and the second is detailed tactical strategy. Here is the attitude of constant effort and flexibility.

Basketball is a team sport. Player control is the most important. No matter how detailed tactical and strategic skills you have, if you don’t win the respect and hearts of the players, it’s just a ‘sand castle’.

Because of this, the NBA’s best coach Gregg Popovich,온라인바카라, unlike his strict impression, maintained a close relationship by sending off-season greetings every year to Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker, the ‘Big 3’ who created the San Antonio dynasty.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr’s first schedule after taking office as head coach was a round of golf with Stephen Curry.

The aspect of ‘player control’ gives former players, especially superstars, a very strong head start when they start out as leaders. Rather than a non-elected command tower, a superstar coach naturally carries weight in his words and actions about basketball. There is a high probability of being respected by the players, and the probability of efficiently controlling the players naturally increases. Of course, the superstar-turned-command tower, which cannot read the minds of ‘ordinary players’ and is highly likely to be selfish, has weaknesses.

However, assuming that Leader Ro has the same conditions, it is an objective fact that is definitely advantageous.

Unless he’s from a superstar, he should put in a more solid effort. This is especially true for non-elected players who have not played in the NBA.

The NBA announced on the 15th (Korean time) that ‘Sacramento Kings manager Mike Brown has won the NBA Manager of the Season Award’.

Director Brown is a representative ‘dirt spoon’ former commander. He was also a ‘hard-working director’ who worked desperately. He is a video power analyst.

He has a representative command tower from a power analyst. Miami Heat manager Eric Spolstra. However, coach Spolstra was recognized for his leadership early on and is living a stable coaching life in Miami.

On the other hand, Brown, who is 53 years old this year, had many twists and turns. He was a power analyst for the Denver Nuggets for six years from 1992. He studied the opposing team all night long and was credited with carefully analyzing the opposing team’s tactical weaknesses and individual player weaknesses.

Eventually the opportunity came. He joined the Washington Wizards coaching staff in 1997 and was noticed by head coach Gregg Popovich, where he coached San Antonio for three years starting in 2000. Then, in 2005, he took over the Cleveland helm. At the time, he ate together with LeBron James, who had infinite potential as a rookie. He even won the Best Director Award in 2009. However, Cleveland was very strong in the regular league, but was frustrated every time in the playoffs.

After that, coach Brown, who served as the manager of the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland, took a break for two years. After joining Golden State as head coach in 2016, he raised his share price again by leading Golden State to win the championship last season.

Coach Brown, who moved the team to Sacramento this season, maximized the efficiency of De’Aaron Pax and Domantas Sabonis by introducing motion offense. Here, shooters such as Kevin Herder and Harris Barnes raised their attack power to the maximum.

In the end, Sacramento won the division championship and made a perfect leap forward as a strong player in the West. Director Brown is ‘speaking’.

Before and after the game, he briefs the team before questions from reporters and ‘promotes’ the players. In particular, during the All-Star voting period, he intensively emphasized the awards of Pax and Savonis for their outstanding performance this season.

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