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The total bet amount alone is 20 trillion won… The Super Bowl ended with an unprecedented ‘money feast’

Correspondent Lee Dae-ho = The 57th Super Bowl of the North American Professional Football (NFL), which ended with the Kansas City Chiefs’ third championship on the 13th (Korean time), is a sporting event watched by more than 200 million people worldwide. all.

The huge amount of bonus that goes back to the players on the best feast stage is an indispensable seasoning.

The Kansas City players, who won 38-35 at the end of the match, receive a bonus of 157,000 dollars (about 200 million won) per person.

A bonus of 82,000 dollars (approximately 100 million won) will be returned to each Philadelphia player who lost the game.

With the players earning not only money but also honor, an all-time money feast was held outside the stadium as the world’s largest single-game sports event.

Citing the announcement of the National Betting Association, CNN reported that 50 million people participated in betting on the Super Bowl, recording a total of 16 billion dollars (approximately 20.4 trillion won) in accumulated bets, the highest ever.

This is an amount that is close to $ 16.5 billion (about 21 trillion won) of the Super Bowl consumption inducement effect this year, as compiled by the National Retail Association.

This can be attributed to the fact that three states, including Ohio, Maryland and Kansas, legalized sports betting last year alone.

Canadian rapper Drake is confident that he bet a total of $965,000 (about 1.2 billion won) on the Super Bowl and won $1,477,000 (about 1.9 billion won), earning a profit of $512,000 (about 700 million won). published on Twitter.

Drake bet $700,000 on Kansas City’s victory and won $1,477,000, but lost all bets on the details of the match.

Advertising is an integral part of the Super Bowl.

According to the game’s main broadcaster Fox, a 30-second commercial for some of the Super Bowl sold for $7 million (approximately 8.9 billion won), the highest ever.

ESPN, citing Google Trends search results, reported that the advertisement that attracted the most attention this year was the tortilla chip brand ‘Doritos’. 바카라사이트

‘Tennis Empress’ Serena Williams, who won the tennis Grand Slam 23 times and announced her retirement, appeared in a commercial for her cognac brand Remy Martin.

The grass, the latest variety developed by the American Golf Association, ‘Tahoma 31’, was raised on a farm in Scottsdale, about 70 km from Glendale State Farm, Arizona, where the game was held.

Although they spent close to 1 billion won on the grass alone for one Super Bowl game, players on both teams complained that the ground was slippery after the game.

Kansas City defensive lineman Frank Clark said, “The field was terrible. I know the NFL tries a lot with turf, but the best turf is naturally grown turf.”

Philadelphia offensive lineman Jordan Mailata also helped, saying, “It was like being at a water park.”

The 13-minute performance of pop star Rihanna, who decorated her comeback stage after 5 years with a Super Bowl halftime show, was also a supporting role that brightened the match.

Even at a glance, Lee Anna, whose stomach was sticking out, performed a splendid performance in the ‘Hanging Garden’ suspended from the ceiling of State Farm Stadium.

After her performance, she revealed that Rihanna was pregnant with her second child.

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