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‘The ugliest 50m goal’. Ex-Liverpool star’s ultra-long shot made fans laugh

‘It was the ugliest goal ever with a 50m goal.’

German football DFB (German Football Association)-Pokal has a rare ultra-long shot. Borussia Dortmund’s veteran midfielder Emre Jan (29), who played for Liverpool and Juventus in the past, connected the goalkeeper’s clearing in front of him with a shot. It was a long shot that reached 50 meters. However, fans who saw this goal scene booed and laughed instead of going wild. For what reason?

The Daily Star, a British mass media, reported on the 9th (Korean time) a rare happening, saying, “Former Liverpool star Jeanne scored from the half-line following the scream of the opposing goalkeeper.” Jan’s team, Dortmund, played the round of 16 against VfL Bochum at the DFB-Pokal that day, and won 2-1 with Jan’s opening goal. 슬롯사이트

Jan scored the opening goal with a rare long-range shot in extra time earlier. Opponent goalkeeper Manuel Liman’s absurd clearing was the starting point. Riman came out of the penalty box and kicked the ball far. However, the ball did not go far and was connected to Jan near the half line. After trapping once, Jeann quickly tried a long shot after seeing that the Lehman goalkeeper had not yet returned to the net.

Embarrassed Lehman goalkeeper ran to the goal, and the Bochum defense tried to block the ball, but to no avail. After a few bounces, it went through the goal.

Soccer fans made mocking comments about this scene on social media. It was because the mistake of Lehman goalkeeper was absurd. One fan scoffed, “It was the ugliest 50m goal ever.” Another fan commented on Lehmann’s goalkeeper’s slow reaction time, saying that he was ‘playing as if he was caught in a dream’.

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