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‘There is no other captain like this’ The hidden power of KGC leading the march… ‘Sixth Man Captain’ Yang Hee-jong

 ‘Six Man? A true captain.’

Anyang KGC, which continues its scary leading march in men’s professional basketball in the 2022-2023 season, has a happy worry. It is also the secret to leading the march. KGC coach Sang-sik Kim said, “Many times, we ordered a forced rest because we couldn’t tell the players to stop training themselves.” Director Kim’s message is that he has eased worries about rest as well as training. In the case of players who usually play more than 30 minutes, coach Kim usually skips training the day after the game and tells them to take a rest.

You may be worried that ‘I won’t come to rest outside the eyes of the officials’, but that’s not the case at all. He said, “As much autonomy has been granted, the burden and responsibility have increased, so I will return after taking good care of my body while resting. It is also the secret to maintaining my performance without major injuries.”

In fact, in the process of emerging as a ‘regular team’ in the championship game for the past few years, KGC has reached a point where players are finding ways to win on their own. There was a lot of concern about falling into arrogance and conceit, but there is still no shaking.

This ‘one team’ solidarity was possible because there was a ‘hidden credit’. An official from the club said, “It’s because captain Yang Hee-jong plays the role of a middle link.” Yang Hee-jong, the eldest brother of the team, who will be in trouble this year at our age, is the captain of the sixth man. With 2.6 points, 1.7 rebounds and 0.9 assists in an average playing time of 11 minutes and 28 seconds in the 2022-2023 season, it is just a’six man’.

However, as a veteran who has been captaining Yang Hee-jong for 9 years since 2014, he is an ‘invisible force’ with an excellent internal contribution that surpasses the external record. It is a resource that coach Kim can trust and use in terms of the game right now. On the 6th, in the Suwon KT match (87-84 win), when Oh Se-geun, the starter, had an early foul trouble, he trusted Yang Hee-jong to block the opponent’s outskirts. Yang Hee-jong scored double-digit points in offense as well as defense, which was his strength, and became a hidden contributor to the close victory.

Outside of the game, the ‘usage’ is getting bigger. Yang Hee-jong takes the lead in self-training for players. As his eldest brother came out first and trained, the ‘younger brothers’ naturally followed him, creating an atmosphere where he did not ‘kaltoe (kal leave)’ even after the regular training session was over, regardless of whether he was the main or non-main. 메이저사이트

It is also his role to play a role as a bridge between the coaching staff and the players, and to make the team atmosphere with his ‘Nucksal’ and ‘Gibberish’, which have increased in the process of going through all the prenatal battles. During the interview, he suddenly named Cho Eun-hoo, the youngest player in the second year of the pro, and praised Cho Eun-hoo, saying, “Eun-hoo asked me to talk about himself.” I do it,” he said, slightly provoking the opposing team.

For ‘Six Man’ Yang Hee-jong, taking care of his body is, in a way, a ‘means of survival’. You don’t know when the order will be issued, and no matter how many minutes you play, you have to do your part and hand over the baton, so you need more preparation to maintain your condition. Yang Hee-jong said, “It’s physically difficult, but when I think about how juniors look at the eldest brother, I want to give them trust, not disappointment.” Yang Hee-jong gave the center of the stage in a ‘cool’ way, saying, “Me and Darryl Monroe are up to the semifinals (playoffs), and Omari Spellman and the main juniors will do for the championship.” The club deserves to shout, “There is no other captain like him.”

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