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‘This year is my year!’ The resolution of the black rabbits born in 1999 eager for their first victory

 In the new year that started with strong goals, there are people who are more desperate than ever.

The protagonists are players in the year of the rabbit who are trying to win the first win on the KPGA (Korea Professional Golf) Korean Tour and the KLPGA (Korean Women’s Professional Golf) Tour. For those who stand on the best stage in Korea based on sweat and tears, the goal of summit, which has been unattainable in the meantime, has no choice but to approach more earnestly this year. 토토사이트

In the KPGA, expectations for the rapid progress of players born in 1999 are high. Jeong Chan-min (24), who won the long hitter award in the 2022 season, and Ko Gun-taek (24), who entered the fourth year of the tour, are evaluated as having matured in their skills this year. Last year, the first year of his debut, Jeong Chan-min recorded an average drive distance of 317.111 yards, and succeeded in passing the cut 7 times, including 2 top 10s, in a total of 14 competitions. Ko Gun-taek, a former national team player, is determined to continue the momentum this year as well, which was the best ever record by tying for 4th at the KB Financial Live Championship last year. Kim Ui-in (24), Park Hyeong-wook (24), and Yoon Do-won (24), who are making their debut on the Korean Tour this year, are also hoping for their first win in their lives.

n the KLPGA, Ahn Ji-hyeon (24) and Choi Ye-rim (24), born in 1999, stand out. Ahn Ji-hyun, who has been in her fourth year on the KLPGA tour, is determined to rebound her somewhat stagnant performance in the 2022 season this year. Ahn Ji-hyun looked back and said, “(In 2022), it was very difficult because I couldn’t achieve any of the goals I set. On the other hand, I learned and felt a lot. I believe it will serve as a foundation for my future tour life.” Ahn Ji-hyun, who is training in Hanoi, Vietnam, said, “My goal is to find a swing that suits me. Also, I train with the best players at home and abroad, and I will learn a lot through them. I believe that good things will happen and prepare hard as it is the Year of the Rabbit.” So, this year, I will achieve the goal I want.” Choi Ye-rim, who won runner-up twice last season, said, “My score last season was 70 points because the second half was not good.” It’s the ‘first win’. Please keep an eye on it.”

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