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Tottenham coach asked about ‘excluding Son Heung-min’, “Sometimes you need a break”

Head coach Christian Stellini, who temporarily led Tottenham Hotspur due to the absence of coach Antonio Conte, answered the question of whether Son Heung-min would start, “There is no such thing as an important player.”

Tottenham Hotspur will play round 24 of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season with West Ham United at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am (Korean time) on the 20th. Tottenham is 5th with 39 points (12 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses), and West Ham is 16th with 20 points (5 wins, 5 draws, 12 losses).

Tottenham is in a bad mood. Tottenham lost 1-4 against Leicester City last weekend, and in the middle of the week, suffered a 0-1 loss to AC Milan in the first leg of the Champions League Round of 16. Tottenham desperately needs a win against West Ham to turn the atmosphere around.

But the situation is not good. Coach Conte, who underwent surgery to remove cholecystitis, left and took an additional blow. Coach Conte kept the bench against AC Milan after the surgery, but since it was not a light surgery, he decided to stay in Italy for a full recovery and focus on treatment.

In Conte’s absence, assistant coach Christian Stellini fills in. For this reason, coach Stellini went to the press conference before the West Ham match on behalf of Conte and answered several questions. 카지노

There was also a question about Son Heung-min. A British reporter asked, “Son Heung-min is trying to regain his form. Except for the Leicester match, he is not showing what we know, so are you considering excluding him from the starting lineup?”

The reason is clear. This is because Son Heung-min, who had the best season by winning the EPL scorer last season, fell into a slump this season. Son Heung-min has participated in 21 league games, scoring 4 goals and 3 assists.

Coach Stellini replied that he could take a break when asked whether or not Son Heung-min was selected. He said, “When making a starting list, someone has to be left on the bench. What matters is the whole team. Son Heung-min, Richarlison, and Kulusevski were substituted and there were experiences that changed the game.”

“It’s natural. There is no such thing as an important player unconditionally. We need rest because we have a tough schedule and difficult games left. Sometimes we need to replace players, and it is necessary to show a better game. It’s a thing,” he replied.

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