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Tottenham won’t appoint Nagelsman… Criteria for next director + seniority ‘duck’

The next manager position is still unclear.

The British media’BBC’ said on the 13th (Korean time), “Former Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann (35) will not be the next manager of Tottenham Hotspur. This is an unprecedented situation,” he reported.

When Tottenham’s managerial vacancy arose, Nagelsmann was also invincible. Nagelsmann, who led Munich this season, was notified of his resignation while on vacation.

He was메이저사이트 still a hot seller for the big clubs. Coach Nagelsmann led Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig in the German Bundesliga, and his abilities were recognized even at a young age. Although he was sacked in Munich, he predicted that he would return to the field immediately.

Tottenham came to mind as the most influential club. Local media covered the news of Tottenham’s appointment of Nagelsmann every day. I thought that Tottenham, who are aiming for a formal manager after Conte, would quickly start the appointment process.

▲ Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino imminently taking over

▲ Kompany signed a new contract with Burnley.

However, unlike daily reports, Tottenham has never approached manager Nagelsmann. ‘BBC’ said, “Tottenham and Nagelsmann have been connected several times,” and “But in fact, Tottenham has never made a formal offer to Nagelsmann. Tottenham did not consider Nagelsmann as the next manager.” revealed

Tottenham chose to replace manager Christian Stellini after the sacking of manager Conte. However, when even this was not cool, acting director Ryan Mason took over. First of all, it is the mindset to lead Tottenham until the end of this season.

Former England goalkeeper Paul Robinson told ‘Radio 5 Live’, “Tottenham need to act fast. I don’t know why they aren’t interested in Nagelsmann. He is the most innovative and modern manager. I’m worried. I hope I don’t waste time.”

Simon Stone of ‘BBC Sport’ added, “It was not clear why Tottenham wanted Nagelsmann. Only when Conte’s successor comes, will we know Tottenham’s exact intentions.”

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