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Tottenham’s ‘recruitment failure’ stigma… Shin Sung finally started to wash away

Tottenham striker Brian Hill (22) is finally starting to reveal his presence. The successive injuries of the main strikers did not miss the opportunity that came to them, and contributed to the team’s victory, such as the first attack point of the season. It is the appearance of finally beginning to shake off the past sadness that could not settle down properly even after spending a considerable amount of transfer fee.

Hill started in the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) Round 19 away game against Crystal Palace held at Selhurst Park in London, England on the 5th (Korean time) and recorded one assist, helping the team win 4-0. added This is the first time he has accumulated an attack point in the EPL after transferring to Tottenham last summer.

Hill, who formed an offensive line with Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, passed Kane an exquisite pass from the right flank in the 8th minute of the second half. Not only this assist, but also Kane’s first goal scene and Son Heung-min’s fourth goal all served as starting points. He was directly or indirectly involved in three of the team’s four goals that day.

It was a more meaningful performance in that he suffered a lot of difficulties after transferring to Tottenham with high expectations last summer. In fact, Hill is a newcomer Tottenham acquired by adding 21.6 million pounds (approximately 32.9 billion won) to Eric Lamela (31, Sevilla). It was a bold investment that added quite a bit of cash to Lamela, which was competing for the starting lineup at the time.

However, after transferring to Tottenham, he rarely received an opportunity. In the first half of last season, 9 EPL games, and that was all he played as a substitute. EPL playing time was only 85 minutes in 9 matches. Eventually, in the second half, he was loaned to Valencia, Spain, and suffered the humiliation of returning to his home country six months after transferring to Tottenham. This was the reason why it was evaluated as a ‘recruitment failure’.

He was no different this season. Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevski, Lucas Moura and Richarlison were added as strikers on both sides, further reducing his position. Considering his position in the team, he even pushed for a direct transfer through the last transfer market, but Antonio Conte (Italy) objected because recruiting a substitute was a priority, so he eventually stayed with the team. The season started in August, but the fact that he only played his first game as a substitute in October meant that he was practically ‘out of power’.

However, the successive injuries of the forward strikers led to opportunities for Hill. Following Richarlison and Moura, even Kulusevski broke away from the line. In the end, I got my first start this season at the match against Aston Villa on the 1st, and the match against Palace on the 5th was also listed in the starting lineup. And ‘as if to show’, he played a big role in the Palace game and contributed to the team’s great victory. Local media applauded his performance on the day, rating the same or similar to Kane, who scored multiple goals, including the winning goal메이저사이트. It was a ‘great reversal’ for a promising prospect who once tried to leave the team in search of an opportunity to play.

When the main players such as Richarlison and Kulusevski return, they will be pushed back to the back-up and compete for the starting position, but at least it is good for Tottenham in that they can relieve the burden of Son Heung-min and Kane a little until they return. In the process, it may take its place as Tottenham’s new weapon. The British Evening Standard said, “Hill was involved in as many as three of the team’s four goals against Palace last time. He still needs to get more used to the EPL’s physicality, but for the young winger, it must have been a night to find a ‘breakthrough’.”

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