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trade failure? The legacies of LG’s challenge to win, the expiration date is not yet over

Looking at the results of the last 4 years, LG was the team that won the most in the league. It was also the most stable team in the postseason. It was the result of strengthening the team’s power by actively taking the blood of an external free agent (FA) in addition to the team’s power that had been steadily accumulated.

If we go a little further, it seems that the team’s long-cherished dream of winning the regular season and winning the Korean Series will be secured. I couldn’t sit still and wait. It was natural to be greedy to add more horses to the running wagon, even if it was a little overdoing it. Results are results, but the motive cannot be underestimated. In the process, the players who joined the team were Ham Deok-ju (28) and Seo Geon-chang (34).

Every time I recruited, the modifier ‘the last puzzle to win’ was attached. Expectations were high with players who could fill the team’s shortcomings. However, as a result, the two players failed to meet the expectations after moving to LG. Ham Deok-joo was plagued by injuries, and Seo Geon-chang could not show the previous hitting. The expected ‘winner’ at the time of the recruitment of the two players has not yet been achieved.

However, its validity period has not yet expired. Yeom Gyeong-yeop, LG’s new manager, is still looking forward to it. Rather, there is a feeling that it has grown bigger than last year. It hasn’t changed the fact that LG needs to fill a vacancy to win, and the two players can be the right people for it.

I intend to give it a chance. Joining the first team camp proves this. Regarding the list of fielders for this camp, coach Yeom said, “I brought only players to use in the first team.” It suggests that Seo Geon-chang is included in director Yeom’s Ya Su-jin concept. Coach Yeom is fiddling with the Seo Geon-chang card for the starting second baseman. It’s not confirmed, but even if you recover only a significant part of your original skills, you’re qualified. 바카라

Ham Deok-ju has long proven that he is a player who can perform well in any position as long as he is healthy. Director Yeom’s plan to make ‘Pilseungjo 2’ cannot be completed without Ham Deok-joo. Director Yeom emphasized the importance, saying, “In the middle, Lee Woo-chan and Ham Deok-joo hold the key. It is important how well left-handed Lee Woo-chan and Ham Deok-joo support Go Woo-seok, Jung Woo-young, and Lee Jung-yong’s victory group. A second victory group must be formed.”

Director Yeom’s first impression is also good. He was also the commanding tower during Seo Gun-chang’s heyday, and coach Yeom, who knew Seo Gun-chang’s strengths all too well, was satisfied that “Seo Gun-chang (off-season) went through the process well.” Regarding Ham Deok-joo, he said, “There is no problem with my body now. I can pitch normally. My expression has improved a lot.” It’s hopeful when I see it,” he stressed.

But hope was around this time of year every year. Now, the two players have no place to retreat. Seo Geon-chang is no small age. Although Deok-Joo Ham is still young, LG is the best among the 10 clubs in terms of the quality of juniors coming up from behind.

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