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Unveiled Klins Manho’s lesson before debut, ‘accurate pass’ and ‘counterattack blocking’

If you watch a soccer game, noteworthy phenomena often stand out. There are times when a player who shines exceptionally appears, and there are times when the underdog team becomes a ‘breakout force’. <Best Eleven> intends to analyze this phenomenon with data by collaborating with <Alpha Ball>, a data analysis service of Team Twelve. It is ‘11.5 Lab (Laboratory)’ where Eleven (11) and Twelve (12) met. Team Twelve team leader Kim Dong-hyun ( and reporter Cho Young-hoon wrote it together. <Editor’s Note>

The place where Jurgen Klinsmannho’s direction was revealed for the first time,온라인바카라 there was a mixture of good points and regrettable parts. If the first half of the first game against Colombia was a perfect game with vigorous activity, the second half of the match came with a decrease in stamina. The next game against Uruguay reduced the difference between the first and second half compared to the previous game. I looked at the data of two matches of A match.

It was difficult in the second half against Colombia, but it was an improvement against Uruguay.

In the game against Colombia, there were many shots in the first half, but in the game against Uruguay, there were many in the second half. In the match against Colombia, most of them shot from outside the box, but against Uruguay, they shot from inside the box.

Perfect chances were in the first half against Colombia and in the second half against Uruguay. The goalkeepers who started in the two games were Kim Seung-kyu and Jo Hyun-woo, respectively, but Kim Seung-gyu had no saves and Cho Hyun-woo made three saves.

Forward striker, must succeed in header competition

The frequency of attempting long balls increased in the game against Uruguay.

Long balls are generally of two types. A long ball that attempts to contest the transition pass and forward. Teams with a high long ball success rate are good at the former, and teams with a low success rate are more likely to do the latter.

Klinsmanho easily succeeded in conversion passes. However, kicks aimed at competing with the central striker often failed. This is because the success rate is ambiguous.

Cross attempts were more against Uruguay. Generally, good teams have a cross success rate of 25% or more. should be higher On the contrary, his dribbling was very good and he used it well in both games. The frequency itself was a lot before Uruguay, but you will nod your head when you think of Lee Kang-in, who swung the right side with a dribble.

Defensive insecurity starts with attack

The defense was more successful in the game against Colombia. Although he gave up only two shots on target to his opponents. There were no major defensive threats. On the other hand, the defense was shaken against Uruguay. Only 5 effective shots were allowed, and the opponent had 2 perfect chances.

This is because our attack in the first half did not work out properly. Uruguay took chances by intercepting our ball development most of the time. Klinsmann is the manager who pursues to move forward at a fast tempo when attacking. Therefore, more than anything else, accurate passing by the players is required. If you fail, you get a chance right away.

Two keywords that penetrate Klinsmanho, front pressure and fast tempo

Among several defensive indicators, the difference in intercept stands out. In the game against Colombia, he tried to block the opponent’s pass with active interception. On the other hand, it was refrained from doing it before Uruguay. It must have been a physical problem. For a fast tempo, you need to block the opponent’s counterattack based on the amount of activity in front. It’s a play that didn’t go well against Uruguay. The most positive period in the two matches was the first half of the match against Colombia.

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