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Valencia Caught Three ‘Vinicius Racism’…Permanent expulsion from the stadium

Fans who racist against Vinicius Junior (Real Madrid) have been identified.

Valencia announced on its official website on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time), “Police have identified three fans who have recently committed racist acts against Vinicius in a match against Real.”먹튀검증

Vinicius was racist by Valencia home fans in the 35th round of the La Liga in the 2022/23 season against Valencia-Real on the 22nd.

Valencia fans in the stadium mocked Vinicius by calling him a “monkey.” This is an obvious racist act that identifies black people with monkeys.

At this time, Vinicius, whose patience was limited, engaged in a war of nerves, expressing his fierce anger toward the audience. Real players, Valencia players and even the referee had to step up to calm the angry Vinicius.

As Vinicius’ case of racism during the game became a big controversy, Valencia immediately launched an investigation and succeeded in finding three spectators who had committed racist acts.

“We reiterate our position that we are cooperating with the investigation to eliminate racism and are opposed to all forms of racism and violence,” Valencia said.

“We will apply the harshest measure of permanent expulsion from the stadium to all those who have been identified,” he said. “Valencia does not match racism and does not tolerate racists.”

Valencia also found the culprit and stressed its opposition to racism, while refuting claims that all fans at the stadium at the time had racist.

After the match, Real coach Carlo Ancelotti said, “The whole stadium shouted “Monkey, monkey, monkey,” prompting Valencia to refute.

Valencia claimed, “The Real game was broadcast live and the claim that the entire stadium had racist insults is completely false.”

Finally, he said, “There is no place for racism in soccer or society,” adding, “Valencia strongly condemns racism.”

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