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Veteran outfielder Pollock extended his playing career with Seattle by one year

Major League Baseball (MLB) veteran outfielder AJ Pollock (35) continues his career in Seattle.

ESPN said on the 9th, “Free agent (FA) Pollock signed a contract with Seattle for an annual salary of 7 million dollars (approximately 8.8 billion won) for one year.” We have strengthened the batting line,” he said.

Right-handed hitter Pollock is a veteran outfielder who has played in the big leagues since 2012. He hit double-digit home runs for six consecutive years from the 2017 season to last season, and his slugging power was recognized.토토사이트

In 2015, when he played for Arizona, he was selected as a National League All-Star with a batting average of 0.315, 20 homers, and 76 RBIs.

Pollock is particularly strong against left-handed pitchers. In the 2022 season in Chicago, the batting average against left pitchers was 0.286 and the batting average against right pitchers was 0.231.

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