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Vietnam Park Hang-Seo-Ho Thailand vs Mitsubishi Cup final

Thailand has been decided as the final opponent of the Mitsubishi Cup against Vietnam’s national soccer team led by coach Park Hang-seo.

In the second leg of the Mitsubishi Cup semi-final held at home, Thailand defeated Malaysia 3-0 under coach Pangon Kim. 카지노

Thailand, who had a total lead of 3-1 in the first and second games, faced Vietnam for the championship trophy on the 13th and 16th in a home-and-away fashion.

Coach Pangon Kim, who took over the Malaysian team early last year, successfully completed his first Mitsubishi Cup challenge by taking his team to the semifinals.

Reporter Kim Jong-seong ( #Vietnam #Park

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Yonhap News TV article inquiries and reports: Kakao Talk/line jebo23

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