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What is the ‘February deadline’?

 As the Korea Football Association (KFA) said, the deadline was kept.

On the 27th of last month, KFA appointed Klinsmann as the successor to Paulo Bento. The day after the appointment of the head coach, Michael Müller, the head of the national team’s power reinforcement committee, suddenly held a press conference. At this meeting, Chairman Müller revealed that the first list of directors was 61, then reduced the number to 23, and said that the final candidates were 5. The final five people had an online meeting, and the last two people were selected. Klinsmann was the first of the two to be negotiated, and he added that he did not interview the manager who was shortlisted with Klinsman.

However, for nearly two months, the Power Reinforcement Committee actually held only one meeting. On the 27th, after announcing the summons on the same day, the appointment of the director was notified. Contrary to Chairman Mueller’s statement that “everyone agreed,” some members expressed strong dissatisfaction, and some showed an uncomfortable look by refusing to respond to the call. 30 minutes after the end of the meeting, Klinsmann was immediately appointed. And the next month, the chairman, who was not properly prepared, attended the press conference. In other words, the February deadline, which the KFA has always been professed, was kept.

Moreover, at the press conference, Chairman Müller failed to explain in detail which part of Klinsmann’s five criteria (professionalism, experience, clear motivation, teamwork ability, and environmental factors) he had met for the appointment of a manager on time. Chairman Müller said, “Before the five standards, I saw the human aspect and interest in Korea. Klinsman even gave an erratic answer, saying, “He met five criteria.” 먹튀검증

In particular, it seemed that they had not verified whether director Klinsman lived in Korea. Klinsmann was controversial because he lived in California, USA, not Germany, while coaching the German national team. KFA also included the conditions in the press release at the time of the appointment announcement. Chairman Mueller said, “It is difficult to say about the terms of the contract. It’s not something I’m familiar with. I can tell you that only Klins has a strong desire to live in Korea.”

It’s a completely different process from four years ago. At that time, Kim Pan-gon (current coach of the Malaysian soccer team), chairman of the Power Reinforcement Committee, explained in detail the reason for appointing the coach from the time table. But this time it was completely different. The press conference ended with only questions left. I cannot erase the strong suspicion that KFA hastily handled all the processes to meet the deadline.

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