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“Why are you lying down with one box left?” Lee Seung-yeop’s style with a smile

It is a quiet afternoon. Sunlight is also suitable for the ground. In the meantime, some are crazy. 1-on-1 toss betting is in full swing. One of them draws attention. (Gong) It’s because the person who puts it up is the manager. Do you dare to speak in front of someone? Put all your energy into each swing. 바카라사이트

Conversely, the toss gets faster. You have to turn (the bat) without a break. I barely finished a box of 200 pieces. The batter is out of breath. I don’t even have the strength to hold a bat. The waist is also bent. It’s just before KO.

It was then. Something I didn’t want to believe happened. The director brings another box. The training opponent has an absurd expression. finally turn your back ‘Why the hell are you doing this to me?’ It looks like that. Not an opponent to back down from. Like scolding, like soothing. A word comes back. “You’re off tomorrow. Everything becomes blood and flesh.”

in front of whom catch your breath again And the second box like death. “Okay, okay. Block his left knee, twist his back more.” Is it nagging or coaching? It is an endless order. Both body and head are about to die. The director says something else. “If you do this, the tee betting will be different, and the practice betting will be different. It is different in practice.”

It’s a break with a glass of water for a while. And the last spurt. It’s crazy fast again. Only the sound of heavy breathing and the occasional scream of enduring pain is heard. Eventually, the additional 200 will be over. Now, each other leaves only desperate words.

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