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Why do Gas Corporation Shin Seung-min and Day One Lee Jung-hyun call ‘accidents’?

Lee Jung-hyun was a trouble maker on the trip to Japan together.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation Shin Seung-min is ahead of the team convocation in June and the Chengdu Summer Universiade. The vacation is still left, but I personally started preparing for the offseason in earnest.

Last season,메이저사이트 KOGAS finished the season in 9th place. It’s a somewhat disappointing result, but Shin Seung-min’s playing time increased compared to his debut season, and his average score increased, revealing his growth. He averaged 4.8 points, 2.0 rebounds and 0.8 assists in 15 minutes and 14 seconds in 50 games. He also broke his own season’s most points scored (24 points) four times.

When he was asked how he was doing, Shin Seung-min said, “The Universiade and the team call are not far away, so I am doing my best by exercising hard. He also enjoys vacations, and if there is an event, he participates, but right now it is really time to exercise, so he is concentrating on exercise. (Park) Chan-ho and I are doing rehabilitation and performance improvement exercises together, and (Kim) Kyung-won and (Cho) Sang-ryeol are playing basketball together.”

Before starting his personal training, Shin Seung-min went on a trip to Osaka, Japan with Yonsei University classmates Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Han-young.

Shin Seung-min said, “Lee Jung-hyun was a trouble maker. He almost couldn’t get out because he lost his train ticket, and when he went to Universal Studios, an amusement park, he lost his expensive wallet. I found him in two hours, but it was a trip where I could confirm that Lee Jung-hyun was a troublemaker (laughs). His favorite food is Ichiran Ramen. It is really delicious, so I want you to try it.”

The scheduled convocation of the KOGAS team was scheduled for June 1, but it was postponed to the 7th as issues related to supervision were not finalized. Shin Seung-min is also ahead of the Summer Universiade, which will be held in Chengdu, China from June 26th to July 6th.

Shin Seung-min said, “You have to lift your body up to the maximum and build your body steadily so as not to get injured. He also has to prepare for an important competition called the Universiade. He has to go back to his day job,” he said with a laugh.

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