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Why do you want to resemble Bae Jae-go Lee Jae-seo and Ahn Young-joon?

 “I want to become a player like Ahn Young-jun, who is good at both offense and defense. He is a player who does the dirty work and does what he needs to do when necessary.”

When high school leaders who have practice matches with college teams anticipate this year’s game, Bae Jae High School is a team that does not fall out of the top candidates. The reason Bae Jae-go is highly evaluated is because Seo Ji-woo (199cm, C), who can play inside and outside, is holding out.

Bae Jae-go is not Seo Ji-woo’s one-man team. Lee Jae-seo (194cm, F) works with Seo Ji-woo to boost Bae Jae-go’s power.

Lee Jae-seo enjoyed baseball and soccer as well as basketball with his friends as a hobby when he was young, and from the first year of middle school, he wanted to become a basketball player and took up basketball in earnest. When he first started, he had difficulty adapting because there were many things he had to learn and learn outside of the game, but after slowly learning and adapting, he became an indispensable player for the team.

Lee Sang-yoon, coach of Bae Jae-go, highly appreciates Lee Jae-seo’s potential to play both inside and outside.

Lee Jae-seo said, “The things I am confident in are shooting and penetration, post play, and high-low games. He has to complement his dribbling, defense and quickness,” he explained his strengths and weaknesses.

Lee Jae-seo, who mainly plays high-low games with Seo Ji-woo, said, “I get along well with Seo Ji-woo. The high-low game goes well, and the pass goes well if the eyes meet,” he said. Jiwoo tends to stand high a lot. If the opponent is smaller or weaker than me, I go low, and Jiwoo puts a screen on me to go high. Or I play outside.” 스포츠토토

Coach Lee Sang-yoon orders his players to practice a lot of three-point shooting.

Lee Jae-seo said, “The 3-point shooting success rate is not bad for the team. After coach Lee Sang-yoon came, he said that you have to shoot well to survive in the pro, so I practiced a lot in the morning and at night, and coach Kim Jun-seong also pointed out a lot, so I got better.”

Lee Jae-seo said, “I want to become a player like Ahn Young-jun, who is good at both offense and defense. He does dirty work, and he is a player who does what he needs to do when needed.”

The Spring National Men’s and Women’s Secondary Basketball Federation, the first used basketball tournament, will be held in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do from the 14th of next month.

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