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Why was 158km Kim Seohyun more shocking than 160km Moon Dongju? 

 Kim Seo-hyun’s professional debut, why did you feel a stronger impact than Moon Dong-ju?

Hanwha Eagles fans seem to have a taste for baseball, putting aside the team’s performance. Young pitchers who will lead the team’s future are throwing 160km fastballs.

Hanwha rookie Kim Seo-hyun had a shocking professional debut.온라인카지노 A large prospect who was nominated by Hanwha with the first overall pick in the rookie draft. He failed to enter the opening entry, but was first registered in the first team ahead of the match against Daejeon Doosan Bears on the 19th, and made his debut right away that day. The result was 1 inning, 2 strikeouts and no runs. His highest fastball velocity was 158 km.

Although he is only 19 years old, he became the center of attention from an early age. Even so, the spotlight was pouring in, and during spring camp, he had a major accident in which he cursed at coaches and fans on his personal social media. Without the thread, it would have been difficult to erase the stigma of ‘problem child’, but with one inning pitched before his debut, he made it possible to blow away bad memories in one shot.

He threw the ball coolly and coolly as expected. He wasn’t just fast, he felt power on his ball. It was great that he threw such a powerful ball with a form close to three quarters, rather than an orthodox overthrow.

Hanwha has been able to bring in some great rookies to compensate for their recent dark days. Moon Dong-ju last year, Kim Seo-hyun this year. The future of Hanwha seems to be different depending on how the two pitchers perform. The Hanwha club and fans will be drawing a picture of Moon Dong-joo as the starter and Kim Seo-hyun as the finisher.

Moon Dong-ju is showing a successful appearance beyond expectations in the second season of the pro. For the first time in professional baseball history, the 160 km ‘light speed ball’ was distributed. The pitch is also good, the form is good, the game management is not bad, and the attitude on and off the baseball field is well received.

Seohyun Kim is something of an opposite image. He feels like an unrefined shell bursting out of some sloppy pitching form. To put it bluntly, Jegu looks anxious. If you look at the scene of the first strikeout as a pro, it is a case where he turned the bat in embarrassment when a fast ball he had never seen before flew toward his face. In fact, the most feared pitcher for hitters is the one who has a fast ball but can’t control it, rather than a player who has everything perfect.

If Moon Dong-joo feels like an upright model student, Kim Seo-hyun exudes the aura of a wild horse that has not yet been refined. That’s why he seems to feel more primitive charm as an athlete.

However, he seems to have a lot of homework. Baseball is not a sport that can only be won by throwing a fast ball. As mentioned above, you have to refine your pitch to survive in the fierce professional stage. This is also why coach Carlos Subero emphasized that the second team should learn management.

And a baseball player who watched Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching evaluated it as “a pitching form that can put a strain on the elbow.” There was a clear difference between Moon Dong-ju and his softness. Now that you are young, it won’t hurt if you throw too hard, but if you try to throw the ball harder against strong professional hitters and get injured, you won’t last long.

Another, and lastly, Seohyun Kim has a criminal record outside of baseball. If a similar accident happens again, you must keep in mind that no matter how good your skills are, fans will inevitably become cold.

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