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Widener’s ‘pitch’ → reappearance of the Parsons incident?, the NC command tower’s deepening anxiety

“I haven’t entered technical training yet.”

NC is in an emergency as one of the foreign one-two punches is sprained before the start of the season. He is worried that the Wes Parsons incident, which broke up during the season last year due to a prolonged back injury, will repeat itself. This is a story about the injury of Taylor Widener (29), a foreign pitcher that NC recruited ahead of this season. There was a hint of concern in the commander’s voice.

Ahead of the season, NC recruited Eric Peddy (30) and Widener메이저사이트, who had been active in the major leagues (MLB) until last year, and formed a new foreign one-two punch. He showed a good appearance from the spring camp and raised expectations for this season. In particular, Widener was recognized for his outstanding pitch that NC players admired. However, Widener complained of back pain during running training in an exhibition game against Suwon KT on the 27th of last month, just four days before the opening of the season, and eventually was dropped from the entry.

NC coach Kang In-kwon sighed, saying, “Widener hasn’t even entered technical training yet,” and said, “The condition has improved compared to before, but the discomfort continues in the lower back. “I think he will have to wait a few more days,” he explained. “Everyday life has become possible. He is currently concentrating on building his body as much as possible in the rehabilitation group,” he added.

It is a situation of growing concern. However, there is no such thing as watermelon waiting until Widener recovers. Besides, this situation is not new. It is more complicated as the situation of foreign pitcher Parsons last year seems to overlap. After being excluded from the first team entry due to a back injury in May of last year, Parsons finally decided to release as the pain continued, and he recruited a replacement foreign pitcher, Matt Dermody.

Director Kang said, “It seems very difficult. He can’t wait until he recovers forever, and he seems to have to look at his condition while watching the progress.”

With Widener leaving, resources to fill the starting position are urgently needed. He plans to fill the void with young pitchers Lee Yong-jun and Lee Jun-ho as candidates. Director Kang said, “I’m thinking of choosing between Lee Yong-joon and Lee Jun-ho,” and “Lee Jun-ho is more likely now. Lee Yong-jun wanted to check the pitching before the opening, but he couldn’t. For that reason, I think it is right for Lee Jun-ho to prepare.

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