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Women’s golf world rankings… Korea is the best, notice another record

Korea is considered the best in the women’s golf world rankings.

The country with the most players in this week’s top 500 world rankings is Korea. 141 people, or 28.2% of 500 people. Even if you narrow down the range to the top 100, Korea has the most. 30 out of 100, or 30%. Same for the top 10. 3 out of 10

But there is something that stands out. Ko Jin-young is 5th, Jeon In-ji is 8th, and Kim Hyo-joo is 9th. There are no Koreans in the top 3. From November 15 last year, Korean players were excluded from the top 3. It has been 5 years and 8 months since March 2017 that the name of a Korean player disappeared from the top 3, and it is still not included in the top 3.

This week, Korean New Zealander Lydia Go (ranking point 8.60), Nellie Korda (USA, 7.09), Korean-American Lee Min-ji (6.20), and Ataya Titikkun (Thailand, 5.68) ranked third in the world. Ko Jin-young’s ranking point is 5.66, the same as Lexi Thompson (USA), who is in 6th place. In the total score, Ko Jin-young was 203.89 and Thompson was 220.59, so Jin-young Ko was ranked first. 스포츠토토

Women’s golf world rankings are based on performance over the past two years. Scores vary depending on the ‘level’ of the competition, such as the largest number of ranking points awarded to major competitions. Women’s golf world rankings have been calculated and announced since 2006.

Annika Sorenstam (Sweden) is the first in the women’s golf world rankings. However, Sorenstam retired in 2008, and her reign at No. 1 was short-lived at 61 weeks. The world number one in women’s golf for the longest time is retired Lorena Ochoa (Mexico), with her duration at 158 ​​weeks. She was not allowed to overtake from April 2007 to May 2010. Ochoa jumped into the US Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) in 2003 and played for about seven years, so her reign spanning over three years is all the more remarkable.

Korea ranks first in the world with five. Starting with Shin Ji-ae in 2010, Park In-bi, Park Sung-hyun, Ryu So-yeon, and Ko Jin-young have been honored with the number one. In particular, Ko Jin-young’s world rankings were ranked No. 1 for a total of 152 weeks, which is second in this category. Just six weeks behind Ochoa.

Ko Jin-young’s last World No. 1 was on October 24 last year. Since last year, Ko Jin-young suffered from a wrist injury and pain. She is the reason the world rankings went down. The opening game of this season’s LPGA tour was held last month, but no Korean players participated. The Honda LPGA Thailand, which will be held in Thailand from the 23rd, is the first stage of this season for Korean players such as Ko Jin-young. It would be nice if you were full on the first drink, but you don’t have to. This is because there will be 33 competitions including this one. It is clear that a Korean player will be in the top 3 again. Furthermore, fans are waiting for a new historical moment when Ko Jin-young regains her world No. 1 and breaks her Ochoa’s record.

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