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‘World Cup hat-trick’ by pushing Ronaldo out… 21-year-old Portuguese god, transfer rumors to Manchester United → 170 billion won buyout variable

Gonzalo Hamus appears to be included in Manchester United’s scouting list.

Transfer market expert Rudy Galetti said on the 29th (Korean time) through Britain’s ‘Give Me Sports’, “Man Utd is currently pursuing the signing of Hamus. Including Hamus, Victor Osimen, Harry Kane, and Dusan Blahovic These are the players that are on Manchester United’s transfer list.”

The English Premier League (EPL) has ended this season. Now, all teams are expected to make plans for the summer transfer window in earnest. The same goes for Man Utd. Manchester United will go to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) next season. Coach Eric ten Haag has finished his debut season on a positive note, and now it’s time to start anew.

Manchester United have a few positions in need of reinforcement. One of them is a forward striker. Cristiano Ronaldo left midway through the season, leaving only Anthony Martial. Last January, I put out the urgent fire by hiring boot verhost, but now I need to bring a certain card when the lease of verhost is over.메이저놀이터

Manchester United are looking to sign a top striker. Kane and Osimen are players who have been steadily connected since last season. Blahovic has the possibility of a transfer in line with the recent situation at Juventus. Blahovic was also rumored to move to Manchester United after leaving Fiorentina in the past.

Hamus, who showed an impact on the World Cup stage, is also one of the candidates. Hamus is a 21-year-old rookie striker from Portugal. He has been playing for Benfica’s first team since 2020 and scored 7 goals in 29 Portuguese league matches (17 starts, 12 substitutes) last season.

And since Darwin Núñez left Liverpool this season, he has been playing a key role. Hamus, whose potential exploded, scored 19 goals in 30 league appearances this season. He helped Benfica win the league title.

Thanks to his outstanding performance, he also stepped on the stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Included in Portugal’s final squad, he played as a substitute during the group stage. However, at the time, Cristiano Ronaldo was being criticized for his performance problems. In the end, Hamus pushed Ronaldo out of Switzerland in the round of 16 and got his first World Cup start.

His presence was enormous. Hamus scored a hat-trick against Switzerland. Because of this, Hamus became the first player to record a hat-trick in a World Cup starting match 20 years after Miroslav Klose in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.

The variable is Hamus’ transfer fee. Hamus has a contract with Benfica until the summer of 2026. For Benfica, it is not easy to send a young player with enough potential. It is known that his contract includes a buyout of 120 million euros (approximately 171 billion won).

However, all the players Manchester United are targeting are expensive. The transfer fee for Kane and Osimen is at least 100 million euros (approximately 1,425 billion won). In the case of Blahovic, he played a disappointing performance compared to them this season, but he recorded 80 million euros (approximately 114 billion won) when he moved to Juventus. It is highly likely that they will ask for a transfer fee of a similar level.

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