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Yang Hyeon-jong, the most 9 runs in an individual game in the Lotte game… Nightmare innings 2

Professional baseball KIA Tigers ace Yang Hyeon-jong (35) has been sluggish since his debut, recording the most runs in a game. Yang Hyeon-jong started in an away game against the Lotte Giants held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 2nd, but gave up 9 runs on 9 hits (1 home run) in 2 innings and was knocked out early.메이저놀이터

Yang Hyeon-jong, the ace of the KIA Tigers, who fights back. News

It is the first time since his professional debut in 2017 that Yang Hyeon-jong gave up more than 9 earned runs in a game. Previously, there were 8 8-run games and 5 8-run games. It is the first time in four years since the match against the Samsung Lions on April 4, 2019, that Yang Hyeon-jong threw only two innings in a starting game and came down. He backed off after allowing 7 runs at the time.

Yang Hyeon-jong struggled from the first inning, giving up 7 runs with 6 hits. After Hwang Seong-bin’s hit in the middle and Yoon Dong-hee’s left-handed hit, he was driven to the crisis of 1st and 3rd base safely, and then gave Jeon Jun-woo a timely hit in the middle right and gave the first run. In the following 1st and 3rd bases, third base runner Yoon Dong-hee came home while first baseman Kim Seok-hwan failed to catch Ahn Chi-hong’s line drive ball.

Hyeon-Jong Yang caused a crisis with full bases by sending Dong-Hee Han on a walk in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd bases, which continued with Jeong-Hun’s sacrifice bunt, and then allowed rookie batter Min-Seok Kim to hit again in a timely manner with 1 RBI. Subsequently, he threw the 4th curve at the ball count 1B-2S to the next hitter, Hak-Joo Lee, and was hit hard, leading to a grand slam that went over the right wall.

Yang Hyeon-jong climbed the mound again in the second inning, when he gave up the lead to 0-7. However, he seldom regained his pitching balance. After giving up doubles to Jeon Jun-woo after 1 out and Jung-hoon after 2 out, he was hit by Han Dong-hee at the right time and allowed 2 additional runs. Yang Hyeon-jong, who finished the inning by catching Jeong-hoon with a third baseman grounder at 2nd 2nd base, was eventually replaced by Hwang Dong-ha from the bullpen from the 3rd inning. The total number of pitches was 47.

Yang Hyeon-jong showed off a sense of stability by throwing more than 5 innings and blocking with less than 3 earned runs in all 8 games he started this season. However, on this day, a large number of runs were lost due to a sudden search for the ball, and the face of the native ace was lost. Yang Hyeon-jong’s season ERA soared from 2.29 to 3.74.

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